October 6, 2021
2 mins

How asset tracking can increase my teams productivity

Asset tracking software can help construction SMEs

The expansion of employees working remotely has lead to many challenges for businesses and especially SMEs. With such a significant portion of our teams working from home as opposed to the office, the need to stay connected and maintaining a “Team spirit” has become increasingly crucial. Luckily, many collaboration and productivity tools have responded to this need. Popular examples and some of our favourite tools include Slack (messaging), Trello (agile project management) and Notion (team wiki).We’ve also seen the rise of SME friendly CRM solutions including Marketo and Hubspot to name a few. These tools are extremely useful for SMEs and help address many of the problems they’re facing today. However, one tool is getting increasingly popular with SMEs: asset inventory and tracking.

Teams are realising how tedious it can be to track the various equipment and tools they require for their daily operations and have been searching for apps that have the capacity to automate these tasks for them. However, the older generation of asset tracking solutions geared towards BigCo needs were often too expensive and too specialised for a growing business looking to manage a smaller volume of assets yet a wider variety of assets.

A new generation of asset tracking solutions provide a simple way of greatly improving productivity and collaboration for SMEs. While more of us are working from a distance, the importance of the role that our physical assets play in our daily operations has not diminished:

  • Firstly, We’ve already have plenty of technology to keep in touch with our remote colleagues. However, keeping track of people’s equipment has become increasingly difficult, since they are often out of sight.
  • More importantly, the ongoing financial stress is pushing intelligent companies to manage their equipment as cost-efficiently as possible, as operational equipment is still at the core of many business operations.

Companies with a combination of office/remote and on-site employees will find asset tracking solutions very useful, especially those with mobile applications that can be used on site from employee mobile devices. Here are a few ways in which they can increase productivity on-site:

  • Tools can be booked by employees using the mobile app (often times as easily as scanning a QR code). This ensures that employees always know what tools are available for use.
  • On-site workers can report problems with equipment they are using. This allows management to improve the longevity of their equipment through preventative maintenance.
  • Technicians can then receive notifications of equipment in need of repair directly on their smartphone allowing them to spend more time on-site where they are needed the most.

Thanks to the new generation of mobile asset tracking solutions, increased productivity and improved collaboration remotely or on-site are more accessible to SMEs than ever before. Bulbthings is leading the way in this new generation of mobile asset management tools. We provide an easy, smart and affordable app that can help SMEs get back to work and thrive post-covid. Find out more here!