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Basic Premium Corporate
Free 99 a month* Upon Quotation

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Up to 100 assets
Unlimited users
English, French or Spanish

100 to 500 assets
Unlimited users
English, French or Spanish

500 plus assets
Unlimited users

We import your existing data to get you started! Yes Yes
We create new asset types for you (10 with Premium & unlimited with Corporate) Yes Yes
Customise your dashboards Yes Yes Yes
Manage your assets with our existing asset types Yes Yes Yes
Create custom asset types Yes Yes Yes
Use our import module if you have lots of data Yes Yes Yes
Manage your users Yes Yes Yes
Allocate assets to your users Yes Yes Yes
View a history of events for your assets and users Yes Yes Yes
Follow your quotations and orders Yes Yes Yes
Manage your contracts Yes Yes Yes
Manage damages Yes Yes Yes
Plan maintenance, controls and other events Yes Yes Yes
Our calendar allows Asset Managers to manage allocations and plan events (e.g. maintenance, controls, renewals) Yes Yes Yes
Car specific features (e.g. manage fines, fuel cards) Yes Yes Yes
Calculate taxes and costs Yes Yes Yes
Add more cost categories Yes Yes Yes
Multi-currency and multi-language (Eng, Sp, Fr + It coming soon) Yes Yes Yes
Attach useful documents to your assets and user profiles Yes Yes Yes
Standard reporting with export to xls Yes Yes Yes
Get useful notifications and alerts Yes Yes Yes
Warranty Management Yes Yes Yes
Depreciation Management Yes Yes Yes
Access to sensor shop Yes Yes Yes
Mobile app for asset users/ drivers (view availability, book assets, update consumption, report damages) Yes Yes
Tag/Scan app (we'll send you the QR code stickers)** Yes Yes
Manage your suppliers/send them quotations and orders Yes Yes
Map your organisation and allocate your assets accordingly (e.g. country, business units, offices, projects) Yes Yes
Chat and email support Yes Yes Yes
Dedicated Project Manager to set you up Yes
Customisations (e.g. workflows, automated interfaces with your internal systems or suppliers) Yes
Advanced Assistance (hotline) Yes Yes
Free 99 a month* Upon Quotation

* €99 a month for 24 months. €149 a month for 12 months.
** During the trial period you'll be able to print and try them out.

Custom plans

Looking for something more specific? We love a challenge. Talk to us about our customisable Corporate plan.

  • Manage more than 500 assets
  • Multi-country implementation
  • Customised workflows
  • Integration with your internal systems
  • Automated interfaces with your suppliers
  • Complex organisational structures

Whatever your business needs, contact us for a quote today.