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Asset management can be overwhelming


Let’s face it, monitoring the costs of your assets from the day they enter your company has never been an easy task.

Wrong Tools

You and your company deserve better than non-scalable and error prone spreadsheets.

Waste of Resources

You shouldn’t spend hours on redundant administrative tasks nor guessing the real cost of your assets.

Say hi to BulbThings

Introducing the first free and easy-to-use asset management app. Designed for companies of all sizes to manage their fleet and equipment.

Get meaningful insight at a glance
Automate manual tasks
Boost productivity and savings

BulbThings Product Snapshot

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To get started, answer the question below and fill in the table with the assets you would like to manage.

Do you manage your assets?

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Yes, I use a tool to analyse my data and optimise my assets
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Your yearly estimated gain


Your subscription will cost you £0/month. As you are managing vehicles, we have included the purchase of dongles in our calculation, which also contributes to the total number of assets. The cost of 0 dongle/s will be around £0/month. We estimate you could save £0/month. Leaving a monthly gain of £0. We believe our app will pay for itself in 3 month/s.

Please note, BulbThings provides the ROI Calculator as a service to help customers estimate and analyze the potential cost savings when purchasing and utilising our application. BulbThings ROI Calculator only provides estimates, these estimates are not a guarantee of savings. A number of other factors may affect your actual savings, as a result your actual savings may differ. By viewing and utilising BulbThings ROI Calculator, you acknowledge that you have read, agreed to, and understand this disclaimer.