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London beacon bay
Commercial space
Toyota Yaris AB-017-UC
Light passenger car
Cat D3K2 Tier 4
20V max cordless drill
Professional Quiet Cool
3M protective mask

What it means for you


Consolidate reliably

Forget spreadsheets. Build one solid source of truth.


Automate your tasks

Your life will be much easier, we promise.


Dive into the data

Dynamic reports and charts. Makes Excel jealous.


Collaborate more

Because people are the most complicated assets to manage.

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already have chosen Bulbthings to manage their assets.

Flexibility to handle any asset

From simple items managed in bulk to very specific and complicated ones like connected machinery or vehicles, every single one is welcome in Bulbthings. Forget the pain of multiple tools and spreadsheets to manage different things. Grow your business with a future-proof platform.


Dear busy people

Bulbthings analyses your data to notify you about anything you need to know about your assets. Post comments with pictures or attachments and take action on the fly. You can always use the Analytics module to deep dive into the data when you’ve got the time.


Tailored to your business

Bulbthings comes pre-configured based on your industry, asset types, and feature needs to get you up and running in no time. As you grow, you can then customise pretty much anything you need: asset types, reports, notifications and more.


Cost tracking equals better savings

Avoid unnecessary costs and maintain fitting budgets. Know when your assets are still under warranty. Fine tune your leasing contracts and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and get notified if unusual spending patterns are detected.


Connect your most valuable assets

Use connected data to track your assets in real-time and automate data collection about their condition, usage and more. We provide a range of tags and sensors to help you take your assets to the next level.


Built around your company structure

Replicate the whole structure of your organisation to achieve maximum efficiency. Give your employees role-based access, organise your asset management by location or business unit. Bulbthings handles any company size and adapts to the most complex business structures and workflows.


Productivity, one tab at a time

Focus more on your tasks and get things done quickly, thanks to a clear and dedicated tab structure. Each tab covers one aspect of management and is customisable. You won’t get lost.

Mobile app render on a black iphone
Mobile app render on a black iphone

Your data in your pocket

Perfect for managers on the go and technicians or drivers in the field. Tag and scan for a quick inventory or info look up, get key metrics or role-based notifications and take actions on the fly.

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