March 21, 2022
2 mins

What’s up? March 2022 Roundup.

Among the many small improvements we did over the past few months here are some of the most popular ones:

Asset categories tags

Changing the category of an asset is now much easier and more accessible.

Screenshot of a menu

When creating a new category you can pick an icon for it too.

Screenshot of icon selection

Custom fields

You can define custom property fields as visible tags in the record’s label as well.

Screenshort of a custom attribute

You can customise the icon of new property fields.

Screenshot of the icon menu for custom attributes

More filters improvements

When looking at a list of records – we often refer to them as “profiles” – you can now filter on relationships. For instance, if you’re looking at your list of assets you may filter on a specific team member to swiftly find out all the assets that are assigned to them. If you’re looking at a list of contracts you may filter on a specific asset, location, project or event.

Screenshot of all the advanced filters

Asset pictures

You can now upload pictures to multiple assets at once, as a grouped action.

Geo-tracking tab

You can now turn equipment around to position them exactly as they are on the ground.

Screenshot of assets on a map, that can be turned around

The filters will now apply to the items displayed on the map as well.

Screenshot of vehicles, filtered by the user on the map.

Asset bookings

You can now book or check-out/in containers (e.g. bags, transport cases, boxes) and their belongings.

Bulk printing

Print multiple codes on the same sheet.