Flexible and affordable.

Different businesses means different challenges. Make your very own plan based on your activity and only pay for what you will use.

Construction & Manufacturing
Education & Entertainment
Facilities & property
Field services Management
Financial services
General workspace
Healthcare & Pharma
IT & Telco
Marketing & Events
Transport & Delivery
Utilities & Energy
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already have chosen Bulbthings to manage their assets.

Frequently asked questions

  • What if I can’t find my industry?

    Selecting the right industry will ensure pricing is most accurate and will facilitate your onboarding (with asset types and other useful pre-configured data for your industry). If you can’t find your exact industry, we suggest you pick one that use the same type of assets (e.g. if you need to manage heavy equipment it's better to pick an industry like Construction, if you want to track more simple items then pick Education). Alternatively, you can contact us for customised pricing and app configuration.

  • Does the pricing depend on numbers of users too?

    No, our pricing is only based on features, type and volume of assets. We know asset management can involve many people (directors/managers, asset users, technicians, suppliers and more), so we designed Bulbthings as a collaborative platform, enabling people to interact easily depending on their role. You can add as many users as you need to get the work done, at no extra costs.

  • Why is the Essentials pack mandatory?

    The Essentials pack was designed to cover the minimum core features you will need to manage your assets and get value from Bulbthings. Every other pack in our offering relies on these core features.

  • Do you apply discounts for upfront annual or semi-annual payments?

    Yes, there’s a 15% discount for annual payments and 10% for semi-annual payments. Please get in touch with us to arrange for such payments.

  • Do I need to purchase QR codes to use Bulbthings?

    You don't need to purchase QR codes but they will make your life easier as they will automate inventory, lookups and updates of your asset data on the field (ideal for technicians). They will also come handy if you’ve got a high number of similar/identical assets and need to identify each one of them.

  • What if I already have QR codes?

    If you have existing QR codes, you don’t need to purchase new ones from us. Simply use our mobile app scanner to add your assets into our app. Next time you scan them, Bulbthings will recognise them and display their information. It’s as simple as that.

  • I have existing data related to my assets, maintenance and more. Can I import my spreadsheets into Bulbthings?

    Of course! You can use the automated import module in the app to import all your existing data from spreadsheets in a few clicks.

  • I have no existing data and no one available to perform the inventory of my assets, can you help me?

    We’ve built Bulbthings for busy bees like you. No worries, we provide on-site inventory services to get you up and running in no time. Then you can easily add assets to your inventory as you go. Just select the “Onsite inventory” service pack above. Please note that for locations outside of London, we’ll charge you travel expenses.