Bulbthings Dashboard KPI with a warning icon, beacuse total cost of ownership (TCO) in very high Depreciation widget allows user to calculate the depreciation of their assets over a certain period of time. Useful if looking to buy an asset. Manage all you warranties in one place, quickly filter active and expired warranties

So, what's new?

We've developed loads of new features you'll love, they will save you both time and money!

KPI alerts and trends

Get real-time alerts about critical situations (good or bad) based on the historical data of your KPI’s. Allowing you to react quickly and take action accordingly.

Depreciation widget

Find out what your assets are really worth with our depreciation widget. It values your assets honestly for an even more accurate TCO.

Warranty management

Manage your warranties with ease. BulbThings alerts you when your warranties are close to expiration, to make sure you’re always covered if a fault or damage occurs.

Kontakt Beacons

Kontakt is empowering businesses with Wifi beacon solutions at any scale and industry. Leverage the low energy consumption and higher range of the Beacon technologies to track your assets more effectively. Beacons are plug-and-play and all data is automatically displayed in BulbThings.

Trackm8 Dongles

Automatically collect a wide range of accurate data relative to your fleet of vehicles: mileage, fuel consumption, location, driver behavior and much more! Dongles are a very safe bet in the process of optimising your costs.