The IT asset tracking tool with benefits.

Finally, a modern app to automate all your office things' inventory: as easy as your favourite social network, tailored to your activity and affordable.

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Screenshot of an inventory of different equipment on the mobile application
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and more than 7500 SMEs already using Bulbthings.

Inventory made easy!

All the information you need in one app

Rather you’re starting from scratch or have some historical data in spreadsheets, you’ll get started in just a few clicks. Keep an up to date inventory of your assets with pictures, location information, other useful information and documentation.

Jump-start your assets tracking

Need to label some equipment? Use our QR codes and mobile app scanner to build your inventory and lookup information easily, such as equipment condition and renewals. Make asset bookings and check-ins/check-outs easy for everybody!


Much more than an asset register

No need to procure different tools to manage different things! Besides equipment and belongings, you can manage anything else you need to operate your business. Rather it’s tracking quantities of small items/consumables, office facilities maintenances or your fleet of vehicles (controlling their usage, consumption and costs), Bulbthings provides all the features you'll need as you grow.


Empower your teams through mobile collaboration

Invite your team in Bulbthings so they can lookup and update inventory onsite using our mobile app scanner and QR code labels or check-out/in things. Our conversations feature (using mentions and pictures) makes collaborating on the fly so much easier too!


Keep track of maintenance tasks

Never miss an upgrade again

Schedule all recurring patches and upgrades, get useful reminders about them to stay compliant with IT security. You can also track any other recurring tasks.

Stay on top of repairs too

Log all your repairs, cleaning and other ad hoc tasks to ensure your IT equipment is in good condition for your staff. Assign them to technicians so they can get notified and update work orders from anywhere with a simple scan of QR code.


Powerful analytics to improve operations and cut costs down

Bulbthings don't only help with keeping track of things. It uncovers hidden costs for your company. Use smart alerts and dynamic reports to quickly pinpoint issues, identify improvements and cost saving opportunities for your business now.


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    This is not rocket science

    It's easy to use. On the go. In the field. From your bed.

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    You will love smart notifications

    Allow the platform to guide you through powerful analytics.

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    It fits like a glove, ready to go

    Highly configurable and customisable to fit your business. We take care of it!

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