How to upgrade your plan & what can you do after?

BulbThings’ Discovery Plan is a great way to manage your assets. Yet, the Advanced and Premium Plans offer much more automation and assistance to make your life easier! If your fleet or inventory is growing and doing things manually is too much of a hassle you should give it a try.

We currently offer a 14 days trial of our Advanced or Premium plan, it’s a great way to discover all the advanced features.

Step 1: Open the upgrade modal

On the upper bar, you can click on “Upgrade” (1). And, look into what upgrading your plan could mean for your business.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via our chat module (2).

Step 2: Do less, get more!

We would like to help you learn what upgrading your plan can do for you. Please enjoy our presentation. And, if you like what you see (we're sure you will), click on “Start my 30-day free trial” bar at the bottom of your presentation.

Step 3: Manage your plans

We help you compare what each plan offers. We believe that the Advanced and Premium Plans include many valuable features for you. And, we offer you a 14-day free trial! You can click on “Get this plan” to get started, after specifying if you are in a fleet or multi-asset scope!

Step 4: Subscription information

If you are sure you want to subscribe to a paid plan, please scroll down. Fill in and save your Billing & Payment Information. The invoice will be displayed below this information once you complete your transaction.

If you want to start your 30-day free trial, you do not need to fill the billing and payment information! Just, click on “Get this plan” and start the subscription process.

Step 5: Plan subscription (1 of 3)

The subscription process takes 3-steps! In the first, you select the duration of your plan (1).

Step 6: Plan subscription (2 of 3)

The second step allows you to review your purchase details (2), including features, price, and duration.

Step 7: Plan subscription (3 of 3)

In the final step, you confirm (3) your purchase by clicking on the corresponding button (4)!

Step 8: Free trial period reminder

During you free trial of the Advanced or Premium Plan, you can see the expiration date of the trial. As you approach the end of the trial, we'll send you a friendly reminder to let you know it's about to expire. We hope you will have a productive experience with our platform and continue with your subscription the plan you've chosen.