Creating your users

To fully manage your assets’ usage, you can use BulbThings to create users. You can create two main types of users:

  • The Asset Managers and Admins: they are in charge of creating assets, users and managing the company via the Web Application, BulbThings.
  • The Asset Users: If you wish to intereact with your users, you can give them access to the dedicated mobile app, where they can easily access and push information about their allocated assets. They can do things like viewing availability and booking assets, take a picture of a damage and report it, view/update maintenance information of assets by scanning them, report a car trip/expenses and much more! The application is available on App Store and Google Play, and is accessible if you have registered to the Premium Plan.

The Asset Manager can create users and not give them access to BulbThings, just to keep track of the allocations. The benefit of creating users is that you can more easily manage what happens to your assets in details. Who was in charge for this asset last week?

Via the Calendar section, you can plan the allocations of your assets to your users! (and also to your organisational structures)

Step 1: View your Users

To manage your users, just click on the Users section on the left menu.

Step 2: Create an User

From the main list of Users, you can Create a new one via the [+ Create] button on the top right.

The mandatory fields are marked with a red asterisk. The email address (1) will enable the communication between your team via email. The account type (2) defines the level of responsibility of the user and their access rights to the platform’s functionalities. Also, you can choose whether the account is active or not on the app (3). If the account is active, you will be able to generate a password for the user.

User rights

The following table summarises the different types of users and their access rights:

Profile Rights summary
Admin An admin can do everything the application allows one to do. By deafult the creator of the session in the admin.
Asset manager The asset manager nearly has all the right of the admin. Except that they cannot import or access the company management tools. They will only be able to create asset users and scan users
Asset user The asset user has basic rights and will only use the mobile app. They can report damages, track mileages and other information related to their assets.
Scan Manager The scan manager, also only has access to the mobile app. From which they can create assets from the mobile app.

If you have needs for new roles, do not hesitate to contact us at!