Multi Asset Management

One solution to manage everything

Consolidate all your scattered asset data into one place for a precise overview of your whole asset management. Quickly identify where optimisation is needed, whether it's quick wins or big changes.

Manage any asset

BulbThings comes with a number of pre-defined asset types. But it is also very easy to register any new type of asset you need and leverage the capabilities of the app to start optimising them.

Get started in a few clicks

Create your assets manually in seconds. If you have a lot of assets, just use our simple yet powerful import module to get all your assets in the app without breaking a sweat. We can also import your data for you, just let us know if you need help.

Asset user mobile app NEW!

Empower your asset users with access to usage data relateing to the assets you assigned them. They can report their usage, damages and even request a new asset directly within the app.

Asset Tracking

Connect your assets with sensors

We partner with the best sensors providers on the market to help you keep track of your assets. Understand where they are at any point in time and how they are being used, reduce loss and theft and maximise your Return on Investment.

Automate collection of usage data

Save time and effort, gathering and analyzing how your assets are being utilised. Obtain valuable insights and take action.

Get real time alerts from your assets

No need to rely on staff or wait for updates. Stay informed through real time alerts.

Fleet Management

Track your vehicles

Know the precise location of your vehicles at any point in time. Track critical information such as mileage and fuel consumption.

Optimise fleet efficiency

Leverage real time information about your fleet, gain valuable insights and make informed decisions.

Automate administrative tasks

Let BulbThings take care of recurrent management tasks like orders, returns, damages, fuel cards, etc. Instead, focus on value added tasks like cost optimisation.

Encourage better behaviours

Assign driver scores, reward best practice and influence behaviour for greener driving and reduction in carbon emissions.

Inventory Management

Up-to-date list of assets

Easily see which assets you currently own in real time, prevent loss or theft and reduce your operating costs (including insurance) with an up to date inventory of your assets.

Trace assets using our scanning app NEW!

Use our QR code generator and scanning app to update in real time information on location and status (e.g. active, damaged, returned etc) and make more informed decisions.

Depreciation engine COMING SOON

Understand the true value of your assets with our advanced depreciation engine.

Lifecycle Management

Complete tracking of an asset’s journey

Track every step of an asset’s journey, know when an asset has been ordered or is no longer in the company, avoid paying for something you no longer own.

Automate administrative tasks

Let BulbThings take care of recurrent management tasks like orders, returns, maintenance, damages, fuel cards, etc. Instead, focus on value added tasks like cost optimisation.

Connect with your suppliers

Create suppliers and contacts, request quotations or place orders for products and services in a simple and easy manner. Also analyse contracts and costs by supplier.

Never miss any key event again

Manage events in your calendar and receive reminders about your important dates (e.g. maintenance, renewals).

TCO Management

Capture all costs

Get total transparency into the full costs associated with operating your asset. Take the necessary action based on insights to reduce Total Cost of Ownership.

Assign your assets

Keep track of your assets, by assigning assets to users, specific locations and cost centers.

Manage your leasing and service contracts

Import your leasing and service contracts and measure consumption to avoid paying more than you should.

Import your invoices

Reduce need for paper. Import your invoices, keep them secure and access them when needed.

Alerts on consumption and contract adjustments

Be notified on consumption and contract adjustments, take necessary action to reduce costs.